A Christian Ecumenical Order. Researching contributions of Christians and churches from outside Europe to global Christianity. Honouring nobility. Engaging in local community projects

Director: Archbishop Doyé Agama
Director: DR Charles Leyman Kachitsa


St Hadrian of Canterbury (otherwise known as St Hadrian the African), was born in a Greek speaking part of Cyrenaica in Libya around AD 635. Arriving in Naples as a refugee from the Arab invasions of the 7th century, he rose to become an Abbot first at Nisida and then of St. Augustine’s Abbey at Canterbury.

In AD 668, St Hadrian declined appointment by Pope Vitalian as Archbishop to the vacant See of Canterbury. St Hadrian recommended his good friend St. Theodorus (Theodore) of Tarsus to become the Archbishop; and went on to serve as St Theodore as an assistant and adviser. As Abbot of the leading Seminary in England at that time, St Hadrian also became a mentor to many principal churchmen. He died on 9th January AD 710 at Canterbury. His feast continues on that day.

The Order of St Hadrian was originally founded by Archbishop Doyé Agama as a non-chivalric, Pentecostal Christian and Educational Order based in the United Kingdom. Members of this Religious Order pledge to uphold the memory of St Hadrian, through his tenets of exemplary humility, excellence in service; and training up new generations to serve the church and community.


  1. The Order works ecumenically to research and publicize the contributions of ancient and contemporary Christians and churches from outside Europe to the Christian Religion.
  2. The Order introduces some aspects of Monastic Prayer Life back into modern churches, especially the Black Pentecostals
  3. The Order particularly recognises outstanding community service by Christians from Black and other heritage in the UK and beyond.
  4. The Order especially recognises the contributions of others to the minority ethnic Christian European Diaspora and the nations of the origins of that Diaspora.
  5. The Order carries out charitable works in line with the ethos of the Order.
  6. January 9th each year is the main “Feast Day” of The Order.
  7. Awards of the Order are given each October, but can be given at other times.


The Senior Abbot (currently Archbishop Doyé T. Agama) is the Head of the Order under Christ for as long as he lives a biblical life. In the event of his demise or incapacitation, the members of the order shall vote for no more than 3 persons; to choose one as the new Abbot. Each Clergy member of the Order shall have two votes, and lay members only one vote. In the event of a tie or other dispute, the Grand Patron shall take a final decision in consultation with the Board of Patrons.

The headquarters of the Order shall be in Canterbury in England (this is still pending) with the second ranking Abbey in the North West of England. Abbeys, Priories and Volunteer Associations shall be established according to due process in any country of the world and shall bear spiritual allegiance under Jesus Christ, to the Senior Abbot and to the Grand Patron; in all matters of the Order.

Members of The Order are committed to support each other towards stability and positive growth of community through Biblical Family Life, Local Church Life, and Business Enterprise. This is to be achieved through the basic disciplines of The Order which are Obedience to Christian Scripture, Holiness, Study, Prayer, Worship and Community Service. Membership of this Order shall be Apostolic-Vocational. Members of The Order are particularly called to work for the building of the Christian Churches and community.

Membership in the Apostolic Order of Saint Hadrian of Canterbury is open to men and women who are recommended by and are in good standing as members of member churches of the Apostolic Pastoral Congress, the Christian Way of Life Churches, or churches duly recognised by them; and others acceptable to The Order. A number of Members of the Order are also Patrons of the Order.

Nominations for Membership of the Order can be sent by post to: The Apostolic Order of St Hadrian of Canterbury, St John’s Rectory, Railton Terrace, Moston, Manchester M9 4WE England, or Email: sthadrian[at]outlook.com.


Archbishop J Delano Ellis II GCHC, or his designated Episcopal successors shall have a primary Jurisdiction for this Order in the USA. Archbishop Doyé Teido Agama GCHC, and his designated Episcopal successors as duly selected as Senior Abbot, shall have a Jurisdiction for Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. These jurisdictions are not exclusive. In all Liturgical and Civic Protocol, Archbishop Ellis shall however have the precedence, followed by Archbishop Doyé Agama.

Archbishop Ellis and Archbishop Agama shall jointly appoint the International Executive Boards for this Order, and the Boards shall be answerable to them. Either Archbishop Ellis or Bishop Agama may select the recipients of the Honours conferred by this Order, on the advice of their Colleges of Bishops and Clergy.

His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie GCHC, President of the Crown Council of Ethiopia is the Grand Patron of the Apostolic Order of St Hadrian of Canterbury (Imperial Patronage was granted to this modern Order on 6th May 2010). To read the Imperial Warrant, please click here. With the granting of Imperial Patronage some aspects of the Order have been reviewed and brought into line with ancient chivalric tradition.